Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Omurice: 오무라이스 (omelette fried rice)!

As a poor college student, omurice is the best thing to make. All you need is an egg, mixed veggies, rice, and ketchup! The name is derived from omelette + rice. It's a great way to stop your hunger quickly and efficiently.

Steps and ingredients:

1. Mixed Vegetables

2. Rice

Stir fry the cooked rice and mixed vegetables, until the vegetables are cooked. You can also add any type of meat if you'd like.

3. Eggs

Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and add a little salt and pepper and fry. /

4. Put the cooked egg on a plate and add the fried rice on top.

After the rice and egg is in this position, fold the egg over the rice (rice is in a pocket of egg now).

Then, flip it over so the rice is not showing and there is a dome like shape.

Lastly, add some ketchup on top.


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  1. I had this more times than I care to count while I was stationed in Korea. This meal is easy to make and can be changed up however you choose. You can make a boring breakfast more interesting.