Sunday, October 24, 2010


Most people think of chips, cookies, and other small desserts to be snacks. But in Korea, kimbap is considered as a snack. It's interesting because rice is usually eaten for dinner and for hearty meals, but that is not always the case. Kimbap consists of rice, strips of vegtables, egg, some type of meat (most common is beef), all rolled up in dried seaweed. It looks just like sushi rolls but without the sushi, and the seaweed is on the outside.

Kimbap making steps

1. Get the ingredients ready. Cut cucumber, imitation crab, and cooked eggs long way.
2. Get fully cooked rice and mix in seseme seeds, a little salt, and seseme oil.
3. Place a sheet of dried seaweed on a bamboo mat. (you can buy this at a korean grocery store for $1-$2) and put about a cup of rice on the seaweed. Spread the rice so it covers about 2/3 of the area. Then add the ingredients in a single line on one side and roll it up slowly. To seal the roll add a little water on the ends. The water will act as a glue!
4. Now, the roll is ready to cut into pieces to share with friends!