Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things to eat with Ja-jang-myun

Ja-Jang-Myun, which is Korean noodles in a black bean sauce, is cheap ($6) and super filling. In the sauce there are onions, meat, and potatoes. Not all Korean restaurant's have Ja-Jang-Myun on the menu because to Korean people it's thought of more as a fast-food type of dish. I go to get Ja-Jang-Myun at Tae Hwa Gwan restaurant in Olney, Philadelphia.

If you ever decide to get Ja-Jang-Myun you should also get side dishes that most people order with the dish.

1. Mandoo - fried dumpling
2. Tang Soo Yook - Sweet and sour pork

And to compliment the noodles, these are brought out for free to eat with the meal.

1. freshly cut onions
2.dan mu ji (yellow japanese pickles)

Most people like to put vinegar on the onions, and dan mu ji for more flavor.

Give it a try!

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