Saturday, December 4, 2010

Favorite Korean Snacks

Finals are right around the corner, and we probably need energy to stay up. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite korean snacks to help you through the long study sessions.

1. Pepero: Cookie stick, dipped in chocolate syrup.

2. Choco Pie: Two layers of chocolate dipped cake with marshmallow filling.

3. Banana Kick: Similar to Cheetos, but banana flavored.

4. Kahn Cho: Small cookie with chocolate filling.

5. Sae Woo Kang: Shrimp flavored snack.

6. Yan Yan: Cracker stick that you can dip in chocolate,strawberry, or vanilla cream.

7. Yang Pah Ring: Onion Rings.

8. Ppushu Ppushu: ramen noodle snack. It's basically an uncooked ramen noodle package but they turned it into a snack.

9. Gam Jah Kang: Potato stick snack.

10. Crown Sando: Cookies with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry filling.

Head over to the korean market!

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